Ariana Grande Nudes and Videos

By now you’ve probably heard of the mass of Ariana Grande leaked pictures released on the internet. What you’ve heard is right, hackers did gain access to the iOS cloud files of this famed celebrity and for awhile they were all over the internet. Her lawyers have really tried their best to remove the pictures everywhere though, it’s nearly impossible to find those sexy porn pics and videos now!

1 (1)

However, you’re in luck because I managed to gather a couple of them before they went down and now i’m going to share them with you guys.

Previews are littered all over the blog, feel free to download this as well as all the other leaked photos before this blog gets taken down and it will, her lawyers are insane.

1 (2)

You will be asked to complete a Human Verification Test as a result of the amount of spam our page has been receiving lately. We realize you might not trust us now so we took a picture of all the files we currently have with a timestamp:

We’re not trying to fool you here! You WILL get what you came for 😉

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You can choose any action you want to complete the Human Verification Test, think of it as a slightly more complicated captcha.


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